There are so many problematic areas of traffic in the Capital Region. Rush hour or not I hate the few I am about to mention.

First up, I hate getting off the southbound side of the Northway at exit 2E onto Central Avenue. The reason is you then in a matter of about 250 feet have to move over three or four lanes to get on Wolf Road. I resort to getting off at exit 4 just to avoid this, even though its longer.

Route 9 and Route 146 in Clifton Park. Its not even just that intersection its all the stop lights from there to Shen and back to Walmart the other way. The lights take way to long. Its always is congested rush hour or not. Also I had mentioned Walmart above. Traffic is always horrible by Walmart.

Hoosick Street in Troy. Now this can be somewhat painless depending on the time of day but if you hit it in rush hour, I feel bad for you. I used to own a car that would like to start overheating in city driving. So, stop and go two lane traffic in a 30 MPH zone going up a hill. Hill of death for a car. Thankfully I never have to go up Hoosick, I always turn on Oakwood Ave.

What is your least favorite traffic area in the Capital Region?

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