In 1986 Tim Curry taught us that anything could happen on Halloween, and "The Worst Witch" showed us how cheesy the special effects were in movies in the 1980s, but the "Worst Witch" remains a classic Halloween movie that gets better with age.

If you have seen this movie before, then you already know how Harry Potter, borrowed just about everything from this movie, to the point where you would suspect that J. K. Rowling completely ripped off the "Worst Witch" and called it Harry Potter.

"The Worst Witch" has something that Harry Potter does not, and that is Tim Curry, this movie was the first time I had ever seen Tim Curry in a movie, and the fact that he gets to have this big, mega cheesy video in the movie, makes it better.

"The Worst Witch" is not all about Tim Curry, of course, it's about the worst witch: Mildred Hubble. Tim Curry is just an added bonus.

So enjoy the awesome Tim Curry video, and if you have never seen "The Worst Witch," go watch it and keep having a happy Halloween!