Garrr, if there be treasure hidden in this here city, I be sure to sniff out the booty… err um, I mean find the cash.

Apparently a middle-aged man from Ballston Spa has been hiding money all around the Capital Region for enjoyment.

Leo Quinn started hiding cash in January and has offered up clues to the public on the Find A Twenty Facebook page. I’m sure most people’s questions are, “Where can I get me some money,” and, “Why would this guy do this? Is he crazy?” However, Quinn claims it’s all in good helpful fun.

"It's interesting, fun and it gets people's attention… I'm sure people think there is a catch, like I'm selling religion or something, but I'm not. I hope they use it at a small business, but they don't have to." - Leo Quinn, Times Union interview

I love this idea of having money and not knowing what to do with it. So instead of buying a boat you use it to do something fun, interesting and potentially good for a community. I may not be rich with money, but I can start hiding some of my stuff around Albany that is potentially priceless. Keep your eyes open for my “find a beanie baby” Facebook page.

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