counts down the 20 worst actors that Hollywood has ever seen.  Be prepared, there are some fan favorites on this list.


As I go through this list I find myself going "aww come on, not him!", but it is hard to argue with this compilation of turds.  Most of them have made way more money with one movie than most of us will make in our lifetime.  Lets face it though, we love bad actors!  We can't get enough of them.  One of the worlds favorite bad actors is Nicholas Cage.  Watch any one of his movies and you'll find he's pretty much just being dumb old Nicholas Cage over and over again.  I will however admit that Con Air is one of my favorite movies.  "Put the bunny in the box." It's not a very convincing accent.  Cage hits this list at number 14.

As a child of the 90's I have seen my share of Pauly Shore movies, so it's no surprise that the weeeeaasseelll  has crept onto this list at number 11.  Also making this list is the worst thing to happen to the Star Wars franchise, Hayden Christensen and deservingly so.  This guy is terrible in not only the Star Wars prequels but in everything.  Personally I would have put him in the top 3, maybe #1, but he grabs the 18 spot on this list.

One of the worst actors of recent fame is Michael Cera.  Please Hollywood stop casting him in everything.  The only thing worse than Michael Cera is his acting clone, Jesse Eisenberg. Though I did enjoy Zombieland.  I would also like to thank UGO for including David Caruso on this list at number 10 because there is absolutely nothing intimidating about a scrawny red headed guy.  And please, stop pulling off your sun glasses in every dramatic scene in that god awful CSI: Miami show.  Brenden Fraser takes top honors on this list and that comes at no surprise.  The Mummy is one of those movies that I'll throw on if it's on TV, just proving my point again that America loves a bad actor.  Fraser is probably one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.  If you want to see him in a good role, check out the first and second season of Scrubs where he has a guest role as a man with leukemia who suddenly passes away after getting better.  Gets me every time.

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