A couple of lady thieves have been busy today making their rounds around Albany stealing from employees of multiple local business on Lark St.

In this day and age I can't imagine how anyone could think that they could get away with well, much of anything criminal, let alone stealing from any sort of establishment. There are cameras at every major intersection, a good percentage of people have home security systems,and you can almost bet that every business owner is going to have at least one set up in their store.

Well, there are apparently a couple of women in Albany that didn't get that memo, or really just don't care. Judging buy the security footage of them I'm going to go with the latter. These women must have had nerves of steal because today the had they audacity to walk in the backroom of a tea shop and steal money out of an employees purse, took the tips out of the tip jar at Bomber's Burrito Bar, and stole the Humane Society donation box from the flower shop on the corner.

What I think really sucks about what these women are doing is that they are stealing from hardworking individuals. Not that it makes it okay but at least business have insurance that can help them recoup their loss, you know. I think these two have underestimated the power of the Center Square community and I believe they will come together to catch them and will also look out for the victims. Bombers has already announced that they will be giving costumers $1 off burritos tomorrow from 11am-2pm and will be donating $1 from each burrito sale to their employees that were stolen from.

If you are out on Lark tonight you might want to keep a close eye on your wallets and purses. If you have any information on these two or happen to run into them please contact the Albany Police Department.