I'm just a Bill, yes I'm only a Bill. Possibly you hear the same tune as I do when you read that. "I'm just a Bill, yes I'm only a Bill and I'm sitting here at Capital Hill." That line, from that song, has stayed with me since I first heard it on Schoolhouse Rock in 1976. Disney+ gives you the chance to relive some of the great Schoolhouse Rock episodes or you can just search on YouTube but I am getting off track.

There is a Bill designed to eliminate drivers license suspensions for New Yorkers who cannot afford the fines and fees. The legislation also offers the opportunity for payment plans for drivers to get back on track. At the moment this is only a bill but it is headed to Albany and if signed the suspensions would be lifted. The Assembly and Senate have approved now it is in the hands of the Governor if it is to become law.

New York would not be the first to lift the suspensions. There are 10 states, including California, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho and Virginia, that have stopped traffic debt suspensions.

In New York there is currently a $50 Suspension Termination Fee for Definite Suspensions PLUS a $100 Reactivation Fee. That does not include the cost of the individual fines from tickets.

Those that support the Bill argue that New Yorkers need their vehicles in order to keep their jobs. If unable to drive due to traffic fine debt, folks face the choice of either driving illegally and keep their job or lose the right to drive and potentially lose their job as well.

Either way it could be costly. If caught driving while suspended drivers face additional fines and possible jail time.

For current policies and information regarding your driving status visit the New York DMV site.


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