There is a website that allows you to find someone’s cheating record and it’s NOT facebook? I am appalled!  A friend of mine sent me this web site called The idea is if you’re interested in someone you can search their name and see what kind of track record they have with other people. So naturally the first thing I did was search my name and what I found was shocking! NOT ONE SINGLE POST about me breaking someone’s heart. I felt crushed as if my life had no meaning. How can a guy go through life knowing that I never once broke a crazy girl’s heart? When I die what will my legacy be? Old radio bits on YouTube and pro wrestling videos? NO! I want a crazy dirty trail to be remembered by.

I am calling upon the help of my loyal audience to visit this and post a story on how Dalton Castle broke your heart. Maybe I cheated on you with your mom or better yet your uncle’s horse. The more outrageous the better. Please make Dalton Castle a sexual deviant who knows no limits to whose heart he will break.

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