According to Cyr & Associates Attorneys, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle is a Class E felony in New York State when a driver operates a motor vehicle under the influence or has 10 or more suspensions, knowing their license is suspended or revoked.

Things are about to get much more difficult for these reckless New York drivers with a new law that goes into place fall of 2024.

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In December of 2023 Governor Kathy Hochul signed "Angelica's Law" in an attempt to protect New Yorkers from dangerous and reckless motorists. Starting in November of 2024, if your New York State license has been suspended or revoked 5 or more times, down from 10, and you get behind the wheel you could face a felony charge.

Simply put, Angelica's Law 2024 decreases the number of prior license suspensions needed to qualify for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the first degree.

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Public safety is my top priority, and I’m committed to doing everything possible to keep New Yorkers safe. After Angelica Nappi tragically lost her life more than a decade ago, her family have channeled their pain into purpose to push for this legislation. I’m honored to stand with Angelica’s family as we sign this law and make our roads safer for all. - Governor Kathy Hochul

According to a press release, Angelica's Law is in honor of Angelica Nappi of Holbrook, NY. Angelica was just 14 in 2008 when she was struck and killed by a driver who did not have a valid license and who had more than five previous driver’s license suspensions.

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