Generally speaking foxes stay away from people and are not dangerous to humans, unless the fox has rabies. According to Wildlife Online, you can tell if a fox is rabid by their "zombie-like" state. You might also witness a rabid fox biting at objects and other animals.

Three Upstate New York individuals were recently attacked by a rabid fox and now the Onondaga County Health Department wants to hear from you ASAP. Watch the video below.

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On Tuesday October 17th, the Syracuse Police Department warned residents of an apparent rabid fox. Residents complained of being chased and possibly bitten by this fox. On Thursday the 19th the Health Department issued an update.

If you, your child, or your pet were bitten, scratched, or in direct physical contact with a fox in the Burnet Ave. area in Syracuse from Oct 1-16, 2023, it is crucial to take immediate action! The fox was rabid and is known to have attacked multiple people. - Onondaga County Health Department was able to obtain video from residents that were either chased, attacked or witnessed this rabid fox in their neighborhood. In the video below you will see individuals running to get away from the fox, kicking it away as the animal attempts to bite at their legs.

You will also see the fox tearing through garbage and stalking a vehicle seconds after the driver was able to close their door. The Onondaga County Health Department has confirmed that the fox is now dead but anyone that was attacked/bitten needs to take immediate action. Call 315-435-3236.

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