Three Days Grace drummer Neil Sanderson checks in as a regular contributor with an exclusive column here at Loudwire. In this latest update, Sanderson discusses the band's recent album writing and jam sessions and their decision to cover Phantogram's "You Don't Get Me High Anymore." Check out his latest entry below:

The four of us have been hanging out, writing and jamming a lot of new material at our 3DG band-cave in the woods in Ontario, Canada. We’ve gone back to the roots to make this one…literally. But it’s the best time in the process I think, where a band can be a band. We’ll hang out 3-4 days a week, some of us will camp out for the week. (‘camping’ as in heat/AC, beds, open bar and wifi). We have a sweet little pad that is set up for us to rock full-on if we want, PA system and all, and a good writing corner where we can write acoustically / watch sports / record some stuff / watch sports etc. A big part of our creative process is all about the hang. So many of our songs have been born out of ideas we have when we’re hanging out late night, whether it’s out at our spot in the country, or in the studio, or even on the bus ... often after we crack a little wine (not to be mistaken with ‘crack & a little wine’, hah).

It was non-stop touring right up until this September for Three Days Grace, and I think by then we’d earned the luxury of writing our next record at a time and in a place that would inspire us, which is turning out to be right now in the sticks and close to home. We’re pretty much isolated from everything and everyone … the way we want it to be. Right now we’re all about building a body of work in that kind of secluded environment, but we’ve also been working up in the city every month or so, to get a change of scenery and I suppose a dose of urban civilization and take some time in the studio.

In October, we were set up in a Toronto studio recording some live-off-the-floor music ideas, which we often like to do ... just plug-in, hit the red button and see what happens. Brad started playing the bass line to this Phantogram song. We’d been talking the day before about how much we liked "You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” … really cool riff and lyrics. We started jamming it in a different key and tempo than the original, and it sounded really heavy and trashy in a good way. Pretty sure we kept the 2nd or 3rd take, once we learned the arrangement on the fly. We love recording spur of the moment things like this. We think it turned out pretty cool so we decided to share it.

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Three Days Grace, "You Don't Get Me High Anymore"

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