Usually, when you see some national ranking that mentions cities in Upstate New York it's almost always something like: "Best Upstate Cities to Raise A Family" or "Three Upstate Cities Have the Best Schools" or even "Averill Park is home to the Best Looking Radio DJ on Q1057"....I doubt that last one will ever happen....unless Kelly from Free Beer and Hot Wings moves to town.

When I originally glanced at the headline on I figured it was another story about something great about living in Upstate New York. The headline, "Upstate NY Cities Make List....." I said to myself, "I wonder what the latest accolade was to be bestowed upon the Capital Region." Then I read the entire headline, "Rats! Upstate NY Cities Make List of Rat-Infested Hot Spots." Well, that's not good.

Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo were all among the top 50 list of the most rat-infested cities in the United States. Albany jumped up 10 spots from last year's rankings to number 38, while Buffalo came in at 43 and Syracuse held onto the 44th place.


As you can imagine it's the really big cities that led the list with Chicago the most rat-infested city, Chicago was followed by Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

Orkin put out the ranking and said that the pandemic has allowed the rat population to grow and become bolder looking for food. With fewer people around, there are fewer people to "scare" the rats away.

Now, I've never seen a rat around the radio station or my house...a few mice and a destructive chipmunk, but no rats. Unless you count that night as Skybox when I saw Ratt play "Round and Round".

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