When I was a kid my folks used to take me to the Pet Store on Route 9 in Latham so that I could look at all the fish, rodents, lizards, dogs and other pets but the highlight was always Jimmy the Monkey.

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This is not an actual picture of Jimmy but I did find out that Jimmy the Monkey was rescued and is living the sweet life at a sanctuary in Florida where he spent the rest of his days with his girlfriend Chi Chi. I am not sure if he is dead or not but he probably is, I don't know how long Monkeys live that are not Davey Jones.

I'm glad that Jimmy the Monkey was rescued, I can remember being so excited to go and see him as a kid but as I stood in front of the glass looking at the poor guy I knew he was sad. I heard he bit someone once, if that's true then he was not just sad and he had every right to be.

I am a but jealous of Jimmy the Monkey now because I want to retire to a sanctuary in Florida and spend the rest of my days with a girl named Chi Chi but that is not going to happen because I am afraid of Florida and I am married.

The story of Jimmy the Monkey's rescue made me happy but it brought up some strange memories about that Pet Store, It always smelt like poo, urine and hamster bedding inside of that Pet Store, one time I went in there I can remember they were having some kind of a cricket crisis when all of the crickets got loose and were all over the store.

I have heard some unflattering stories about that store and I am conflicted because my family helped keep them in business, we bought 5 hamsters and 1 cat from that store. For the record we did not buy the hamsters for the cat.

In conclusion: Good for Jimmy the Monkey.



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