Can we stop with this Tide Pod Challenge nonsense already?

So if you haven't heard of the Tide Pod Challenge yet, and I don't know how you could have not it's all over the internet, news, and stores have even begun to lock them up, but essentially kids are filming themselves biting into dissolvable plastic pods of laundry detergent.

Why are kids doing this one might ask? Well, I have a few theories and the top two I have narrowed it down to is 1.) that it is either a brilliant marketing strategy from either Tide themselves or their competition or 2.) some teenager bet his buddy that if he made a video doing this nonsense that thousands of people would see it and do the same. I'm betting on the latter.

However this dumb trend started the bottom line is that laundry pods do not belong in your mouth. So on this week's Free Advice Friday we address the situation head-on. And we really hope that this is the last we will have to hear about it.