The now 27-year-old Times Union Center has been under construction for renovations for quite some time. It is almost done.

I am someone who personally didn't mind how the front of the arena looked before. It's stuff of memory for me. Standing on an escalator in 15-degree weather waiting for the doors to open for a WWE pay-per-view in January of 2006. Now, the very way I walked into the arena that night will look drastically different and in amazing fashion.

Many of the business owners that have establishments are stoked that the construction that feels like it has taken forever is almost complete. For obvious reasons, too. It has hurt their businesses dramatically. Well, when all is said and done, this is going to beautify that section of South Pearl in Albany. I am going to wait until absolutely everything is complete to take a drive down there to see it.

For a glimpse of what it looks like, in case you don't make it downtown all that often, just hit play on the video above from News 10.

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