Check out some pictures of the enormous fermentation tanks that are making their way down the Erie Canal this week headed to Genesee Brewing Company in Rochester.

A couple of weeks ago we told you how Genesee Brewing Company is in the process of doing a little upgrading at the brewery and that as a result you might come across an interesting sight on along the Erie Canal.

You see, the brewery has custom ordered some very large new beer fermentation tanks  all the way from China and because the tanks are so large in size they are literally too big to be shipped by truck or train and instead will be traveling by barge as they float their way down the Erie Canal all the way to Rochester.

Well, several of the tanks have made into the water in and around the Waterford and Albany areas and people have begun posting some shots of their tank sightings. The brewery has been asking New Yorker's to tag their pictures with #TOASTTHETANKS so below you'll find some of the great shots that have made their way to Instagram so far!

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