If you see some very large tanks floating down the Erie Canal this week don't be alarmed they're just making their way to ra-cha-cha to make some tasty brews for us.

Genesee Brewing Company in Rochester is in the process of upgrading their brewery reportedly in an effort to create "one of the most advanced brewing systems in the world" and they have spent some serious dough trying to do so. Think somewhere around  $40 million dollars!

So as part of the upgrade Genesee Brewing ordered 12 very large fermentation tanks all the way from China. When I say very large I mean very large, the tanks measure about 20-feet by 60-feet-tall! Which presents a bit of a dilemma, because the tanks are literally to big to ship by truck or train. So they are throwing them on a barge and floating them the 225 miles from Albany to Rochester.

Which should be quite a site to see! The brewery obviously realizes this and is encouraging anyone who happens across the tanks on their "historic journey" to #TOASTTHETANKS and post a pic up on their Facebook page.

While not set in stone yet the tentative schedule for the tanks big float looks something like:

  • May 12 - Tanks depart via Erie Canal in Albany
  • May 15 - Tanks pass through Utica
  • May 16 - Tanks pass through Syracuse
  • May 18 - Tanks arrive in Rochester

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