If you've never seen an episode of Colbert Report, you might want to tune in tonight for the first time. Our very own Albany will be featured on the 30-minute series at 11:30 on Comedy Central. My former teacher, food and arts writer for the Times Union, Steve Barnes will also be on the episode. The crew of Colbert Report, sans Stephen Colbert himself, visited the Latham and Albany areas last month to conduct an in-depth interview with Steve Barnes and to address a problem at a popular night club.

Nite Moves in Latham was the hot topic for the crew, as they traveled there to get to the bottom of the rising problems with lap dances:

The segment centers on the argument by the Latham club Nite Moves that its dancers' performances were akin to ballet and thus entry fees and payments for lap dances are not subject to sales tax.


The state Court of Appeals, however, ruled against Nite Moves in a 4-3 decision on Oct. 24.

Tune in tonight (11-8-2012) to watch the close-to-home episode!

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