Let me just preface this with my thoughts.  I LOVE rock and roll. I LOVE heavy metal.  I LOVE classic rock.  I LOVE southern rock.  I LOVE punk.  I love it all.  And when I'm at shows, loving it all, I'm wearing either ripped jeans, a denim jacket, a denim vest, or some sort of denim.  Along with almost everyone in the audience that I've ever encountered.  From 60-something year olds next to me at a Shinedown show in Florida, in jeans, to 20-something year olds at Upstate Concert Hall for I Prevail, in jeans, these denim blues are universal.  Seriously.  I'd like to see someone tell Bruce Springsteen to take off his denim.  I dare you.

Well, according to a survey reported by News 10 abc however, apparently if you're over 53, you're too old for denim.  WHAT?! Fifty-three?!  What kind of arbitrary age is that.  Apparently, according to the article by News 10 abc, jean shopping over the age of 53 causes a significant amount of stress, up to causing people to burst in to tears, and that's the reasoning.

I'm sorry, but really. Don't ever tell me I'm too old for my denim.  What are your thoughts?