Where a school falls is judged by how good the teachers are. We have a lot of high school in the area. Did your Alma Mater make the list?

Sadly the high school, Lansingburgh, came in dead last on the Times Union article ranking high schools. They also provided each school with a grade (how fitting), a teacher to student ratio, average salary of their teachers and what percentage of their teachers are in their first of second year of their careers. Each of the schools listed received an A, A- or A+ rating.

  • NUMBER 10: Saratoga Springs High School, a school with no teachers in their first or second year. They average 16 students to every teacher. Those teachers also average salary of $69,309.
  • NUMBER 9: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Senior High School, with less than one percent of new teachers and a teacher for every 13 students, their teachers make about $76,677 a year.
  • NUMBER 8: Columbia High School, They have 14 students per teacher, like Saratoga no new teachers and average $77,166 a year in salary
  • NUMBER 7: Ballston Spa High School, 2.2 percent of their teachers are newbies in their careers and there are a total of 14:1 students per teacher. Their teachers are approaching 80K,  $79,294. I've heard this school has a daycare, is that true?
  • NUMBER 6:  Clayton A. Bouton High School, with less than a percent of their teachers new and 13 kids per teacher they make an average of $73,978 per year.
  • NUMBER 5: Colonie Central High School, it pays to work here apparently, $91,371 a year for the teachers on average. No new teachers and 14 students per.
  • NUMBER 4: Guilderland High School, their teachers make a touch less than the majority of these schools at an average $70,036. 15:1 for their teacher student ratio and just over a percent of newer teachers.
  • NUMBER 3: Shaker High School, $76,575 a year average, 13:1 teacher student ratio and 3.1 percent of their teachers are somewhat new.
  • NUMBER 2: Bethlehem Central Senior High School, almost six percent of their teachers are new and they make on average $74,706 a year. 16 students per teacher.
  • NUMBER 1: Niskayuna High School, ranked as the best high school in the Capital Region among teachers at a sort of cushy $79,714 a year. 15:1 student teacher ratio and almost two percent of their teachers are in their first or second year of teaching.

Do you agree with this list? If your school isn't on the top 10, maybe it made the top 25. Check out the link below.


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