Love it or hate it, Winter is here and judging by the weather as of late. It is sadly here to stay. But then again, if you clicked on this, you probably love skiing. So really it isn't a bad thing.

Now, anyone who ski's more than likely has a go to place. A place either they have been going to for years or a place they just flat out love.

There are so many places in the Capital Region and so many more if you are willing to devote a couple of hours in the car if skiing is your thing. For me it isn't. I don't think I have the coordination.

Here is the list from NYUP, do you agree?

  • Maple Ski Ridge: Schenectady. #15
  • Windham Mountain: #10
  • Willard Mountain: Greenwich. #8
  • Hunter Mountain: #7
  • Gore Mountain: North Creek. #1

We have the #1 skiing destination in New York!

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