I’m a huge WWII history buff so any chance I get to actually touch, see, ride or experience something from “The Big One” I jump at it. Over the years, I’ve driven an original WWII Jeep, I have flown in three B-17 bombers and one B-25 bomber, I’ve had the opportunity to steer a P.T. Boat in the waters off of Key West, I’ve had the pleasure of stepping aboard the USS Silversides an American WWII Submarine as well as a German U-Boat and toured Navy ships from the USS Intrepid to the USS Midway.

Little did I know when I moved to the Capital District that I would have an important piece of WWII history right in my own backyard? The USS Slater is a WWII Navy Destroyer Escort that was tasked with protecting convoys of ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean from German U-Boats. The USS Slayer is the only remaining Destroyer Escort ship still afloat and you can tour it!

My son and I both love military history so we drove down to the Hudson River where the USS Slayer is docked at the corner of Broadway and Quay Street, Albany, NY 12202. We bought our tickets, a bargain at $9 per person for an hour long guided tour. Liam was our tour guide and he was really knowledgeable about the ship, it’s construction, life for sailors aboard it and what it took to restore it back to what it looked like in 1944.

USS Slater moored on the Hudson River

Hedgehog anti-submarine bombs

Captain Marcel Blancq's quarters

USS Slater Radio Room

USS Slater Stern

If you haven’t had a chance to take the tour I would highly recommend it. For moreinformation go to https://www.ussslater.org/