There is a Troy firefighter that is about forge a new career in television with his appearance on the History Channel's Forged In Fire tonight at 9. According to Spectrum News Adam Coonradt, a 4 year member of Troy Fire Department, is used to dealing with fire. Now, he’s trying something new.

“I’m going to be nervous watching the episode, because I don’t really get to see myself on TV,” says Coonradt.

The network describes the show as - World-class bladesmiths re-create historical edged weapons in a cutthroat competition. In each episode, four bladesmiths compete in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons. The overall winner gets $10,000 and is named "Forged in Fire Champion"!

Adam makes custom pieces with his business called Uncle Sam Metalworks. His Facebook page states that he is an amateur knife maker and blacksmith. "Trying to make some money on the side doing something I enjoy". I would think that if he made it to this History Channel show he is pretty good! Plus, he is a Capital Region guy and a firefighter! How could we not root for him?

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When I was just starting out in radio the local TV station stopped by to get some "expertise" from me regarding the Mtv Music Video Awards that year. Even though I had been on the radio for a few years already I was really nervous and excited to think I would be on TV. That :11 second clip was easy to miss but never forgotten by me. I felt like a celebrity!

In my opinion Adam is the real celebrity! Thank you for your service in the Troy Fire Department Adam and best of luck with Uncle Sam Metalworks and your time on "Forged In Fire". We will be watching!


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