A huge thank you needs to go out to the Troy Police K-9 for finding a missing autistic girl.

It was only a few weeks ago that officials and dozens of people were searching for the missing 14-year-old autistic boy in Waterford. The outcome there sadly was not one that anyone was hoping for. When I heard that an autistic 10-year-old girl had gone missing, you can only hope that she would become found. Luckily, it was nearly instantaneous. Her discovery that is.

That is in most part due to the Troy Police's K-9 Blair. According to CBS 6, Blair wasted next to no time in finding the little girl. It is reported that only 5 minutes were needed for the pup to find her.

Blair is to be beheld on a day like today, national dog day. I think we all owe some gratitude to him. Or at least a rawhide or bone.

Read more from CBS 6 here.

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