This is the finale to a story that came out over the summer about the Troy Police drug unit. A violation of a common known law has certainly cost him.

Over the summer you may recall the Troy Police being in the news for suspending their entire drug unit. Well, that was due to someone with them performing a warrantless search of a home. The officer in question is Sgt. Ron Epstein. Now many have said he is the definition of a good cop. That is a statement I will not contest seeing as I don't know him.

Epstein was the leader of the cities drug unit and he was indicted on 9 misdemeanors ranging from falsifying business records, official misconduct, criminal trespass and criminal mischief. This is all from an incident at 112 Oakwood Ave in Troy this past June. Even though cocaine was found in the home no warrant was present. More information on the matter with Epstein and the Troy Police is at the link from Times Union below.


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