This might not be a shock to some, but it turns out, New York is a pretty so-so place to live.

I'm not saying I agree, though where we landed was pretty humorous.  Sure the winter's over so my mood is a little bit better (though I didn't appreciate the snow flakes around Mother's Day when I was in the mountains).  But I do love New York, and I personally think we're better than 'so-so'.  However, according to a U.S. News & World Report recently released on the best states, New York is exactly mediocre.

Really, out of the 50 states, New York landed in the 25th spot.  Exactly in the middle.  I don't think you CAN be more mediocre than that.  Not the best, not the worst.  The report looked at things like economy, healthcare, infrastructure, crime, fiscal stability, the environment and more to come up with the ratings.  So who took the #1 spot? Washington.  And the worst at #50? Lousiana.   Again, I personally like New York and I think we rank better than some of the states ahead on the list- but you can look for yourself here.

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