Thanks to a concerned citizen and Albany County Sheriff's two are being held in the Albany County Correctional Facility without bail on variety of charges, including sex trafficking!

According to News10 Sheriff's were given information by a friend of a 21 year-old who was being advertised as an escort on Turns out,  she was being sold for sex.

After meeting with the 'escort' at the Super 8 on Central Avenue, Sheriff's learned she was allegedly being given heroin by 19 year-old Elijah Richardson and Jakia York.

I'm assuming this was payment for her services? Terrible!

It turns out both Richardson and York were staying at the Super 8. Sheriff's secured a warrant and searched the room finding 20 bags of heroin and $1800 in cash.

Both were charged with felony sex trafficking, felony criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Hopefully the victim  gets some help and gives her friend a big hug. She probably just saved her life.