The Enchanted Forest Water Safari lived up to its slogan by providing fun even into their off season. Well, until the police were involved.Two Firefighters from West New York found this out a couple weeks ago, when on a training trip to Old Forge.

On their downtime, Eric Frisbie and Jacob Williams headed to the theme park to have a fun time by allegedly vandalizing the dickens out of the park. One of them even took a poo in the middle of the grounds. Not sure why they did that: it's not like there were your normal lines.

The two were arrested while having drinks with Eric's brother, John. Who, by the way, had nothing to with the vandalism, but got himself arrested too. He explained why:

The cops walk into the bar and start asking for IDs. I start being a smarta**. I start saying, ‘What do you want IDs for? You can't come in here asking for ID's. We have rights. I'm going to video tape you.’ I grabbed the phone right off the table and then, I got maced
John, who is also a firefighter, said he didn't know about his brother's activities before his arrest. Both Jacob and Eric have been kicked off of their volunteer fire department. The fire department is waiting before making a decision on the brother, John.