Okay, I guess it technically starts at 12:01 tomorrow morning ... but c'mon, we're only hours away now!

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If you, like may of us here in the Capital Region ... and all of Upstate New York for that matter, have been patiently waiting for ridesharing services to become available to us the wait is almost over!

If you are going to be out tonight after midnight you can totally catch a safe ride home using the new services! Both Uber and Lyft are scheduled to go live in the Capital Region at 12:01am tonight (or tomorrow morning depending on how you look at it)!

As someone who has utilized their services on more than several occasions I do have a few (semi) pro tips for you ...

I highly suggest that you download the Uber and Lyft apps a head of time and set up your account so you aren't trying to do so after having a few and wasting more of your precious time trying to figure it out. However, before you do so, if you haven't downloaded either of the apps before, first time users can get their first ride FREE! Or at least at a discount depending on how far you plan on going.

You can use my codes to download the apps and get a free ride by clicking HERE for Uber or HERE for Lyft using the code Q103CANDACE ... once you get your FREE ride and start using the apps you can create your own referral codes and earn more free rides my referring your friends!

Hope this helps. Happy riding friends!