We know that it's going to happen whether we say "no" or not:  underage drinking this New Years Eve.  I just want to give some pearls of wisdom as I was there not too long ago myself.

Don't drink yourself to mental retardation:  you're not funny, you're no longer cool at this point, you're not fun- actually you're a pain in the ass to your friends who now have to take care of you, and you certainly aren't hot as you're stumbling, drooling, and barfing.  Make sure you are surrounded with people you TRUST.  That goes for everyone.  As for UNDERAGE drinking, also remember:  it's against the law.  Now, celebrate as the mature human being that you are and please be safe, we love you!  :)  Maybe.  If you don't drool.

Here are some scary stats on underage drinking on New Years.  Seriously, check it out:

Happy New Year!


Don't drink until you look like this guy.

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