Last week the American Consumer Index was released about airlines and how they placed in customer service. United Airlines ranked dead last on the index and this week a picture has surfaced that might explain why.

On the traveler site, Flyer Talk, a member posted the following picture.


It was taken on their overseas flight from San Francisco to London. Apparently the flight ran out of toilet paper and the next best option was to use cockpit napkins; like the ones they put under your drink. The person posting the picture said:

Apparently, they ran out in one lav half-way home and couldn't bother to transfer a roll from another.

The airline has replied, publicly, to the picture by saying:

The aircraft ran low on toilet tissue and our crew improvised and provided customers with paper napkins. We apologize to our customers on this flight for the inconvenience and would like the opportunity to welcome them back.

How do you run out of toilet paper, let alone any supply, on a flight? Is there not a check of supplies before a flight? How can you not double check your supplies on an international flight?

This particular instance is probably a major reason why United ranked last in customer service.