Talk about a mix-up!  I get it- everyone wants time off around a holiday.  And yes, hard workers deserve time off.  But in some fields, you just can't ALL take off.  I for one always seem to work holidays in healthcare.  It is what it is as a nurse.  Can you imagine a setting in which too many nurses were 'accidentally' given off and there was no one to work the hospital floor?  Or maybe a radio show where everyone was 'accidentally' given vacation and there was no one on the airwaves?

Well, apparently that happened with pilots at American Airlines!  According to the Times Union, there was some scheduling snafu and too many pilots were granted vacation for December, leaving a reported 15,000 flights without a pilot!  Holiday travel is bad enough, am I right?  Now there's no pilots on top of it?

The situation is in the process of being resolved, and according to the Times Union, the airline is following a process similar to what is done after weather emergencies to fill in the holes and have sufficient staffing for all of these flights.

For all of those traveling this holiday season, all I can say is 'May the Force Be With You' and good luck!


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