‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is coming back, with new cases and the influence of ‘Stranger Things’.

CBS 6 Albany posted about the return of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ for a new generation.  According to the post, the original creators of  ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ are going to be working with the producers of the hit show ‘Stranger Things.’  Just like the original series, they’re hoping to involve viewers to help solve cold-cases.  Here’s the hitch though- it’s a Netflix show.

I am so excited about the return.  I loved everything about ‘Unsolved Mysteries’- the scariness, the paranormal, the viewer involvement, and more.  I also am someone who watches true crime all the time.  Still, even if you aren’t a true crime fanatic, you could always watch and have the chance to help solve a case.  I just wish it wasn’t exclusive to Netflix.


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