Have you been following the Hollywood Writers Strike? The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) had been on strike for 146 days. In the end it appears that writers will benefit from better minimum wage and compensation, stronger pensions and better residuals to name a few items.

Now that it's time to make movies again check out this Upstate New York casting call. This could be your big break! Submit below.

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On Wednesday, the Hudson Valley Film Commission Actors and Crew Facebook page posted a casting call and they might need YOU, especially if you are from the Hudson Valley! This call is for a professional feature film with the working title 'After This Death'.

Should you be chosen to work on this film you could get paid! Land a small speaking role and receive $781 each day. If you end up being a background actor you could expect $208 each day. Here's what producers are looking for.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The 'After This Death' shoot will take place throughout October and November in the Kingston and Woodstock, New York area. Do you fit any of these requests?

  • Individuals with a unique look
  • No acting experience required
  • All ages
  • All backgrounds
  • Got a cool vibe or good energy?
After This Death
After This Death

If you are interested in submitting to be part of this film click HERE.

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