Because you can’t really safely take a fancy glass full of bourbon or gin with you to the lake! wrote up an article about Southern Tier, an Upstate NY distillery, that’s launched three new cocktails-in-a-can!  Really- vodka, bourbon, or gin, it’s all available in a can.  Well, as a cocktail.  The choices are ‘Gin & Tonic’ which is a straight forward combination.  Then there’s the ‘Bourbon Smash’ with bourbon, ginger, mint, and lemon (sounds like a mule to me).  Lastly, there’s the ‘Vodka Madras’ with fruit and citrus flavors, and, well, vodka.  As noted by, you’re not going to find these cans in a grocery store, since they contain hard alcohol.  So you’ll have to make a special trip to the liquor store.  Nonetheless, if you’re an alcohol drinker and you like your cocktails, these seem like a really easy to enjoy without having to worry about the fancy glass!  Just make sure if you are at the lake, you’re not operating any boats or vehicles.  Enjoy!