That's something like 33,215 over due!

So a Dr. in Auburn NY was cleaning out his attic as he is preparing to move and among the boxes you store in an attic of things like decorations and memorabilia he came across an old library book that was 91  years over due!

Coming from a family of readers he assumes that it was probably checked out by one of his uncles. Having spent a lot of time in the library as a child and made some great memories there he decided that he was going to return the book, 91 years late.

Not only did he return the book but he included a letter explaining the late return and he insisted on paying the entire late fee. 91 years at 2 cents a day equals out to an overdue fine of $670.74.

The book, The Sky Pilot by Ralph Connor, will unfortunately not be put back into circulation to be checked out again. However, you can visit it in the special section with other historical books in the library.

What a class act this man is and this story actually makes me want to visit my local library and support our community. What would you do if you found a near 100 year old library book in your house?

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