Snip snip!  I get it, college basketball is exciting. I was in the stands at the complete upsets a few years ago when Xavier and Butler won over Syracuse and Kansas State in the tournament.  It was pure pandemonium.  But scheduling medical procedures just to be able to watch basketball seems a little bit much to me.  Then again- I’m not a guy so I have no clue, and will never have any clue, about what getting a vasectomy is like!  I only know the medical side of it as a nurse.  But really, this is a trend that was reported on by News 10 abc recently.  It seems that men are both getting and arranging their schedule to have vasectomies to be able to watch basketball.  News 10 abc even reported a quote from a doctor and assistant professor of urology in the Capital District saying that vasectomies go up 10% in March.  Seriously?!

I love sports and I get the excitement, but I don’t know if I’d get something snipped just to watch a basketball game.  I mean, I might call in sick from work if it was something that I was SUPER invested in (like the time I played sick to see the Foo Fighters live). But getting a medical procedure?  Nope.  And if it was a medical procedure I needed- I definitely wouldn’t arrange it around a sport. Also, I just have to say, I wouldn’t want anything being snipped anywhere before I’m about to jump up and down screaming at the TV over a sports game.  Ouch?