Vermont has been very active with ongoing movements lately, whether it be medical marijuana laws or a law to prohibit sexual abuse of animals.

I understand the dating scene can be hard, I'm single I know. However how sadistic and desperate must you be if you look at a cow and think, Hmmmm I wonder. I mean sure its a law that should be in place but lets face it, is it an ongoing epidemic like heroin? I would like to know personally what spurred on lawmakers to go "We need an anti-boning law proposed when it comes to inter-species acts of love".

Here is my main takeaway from this law being passed though. Read the title, Vermont Bans Sexual Abuse of Animals. Looking further into the law, it says nothing about sex with animals. Its just illegal to abuse them. No BDSM I suppose. In all seriousness, is Vermont so rural that a goat can get more action than a human? If this law may interfere with any of your activities please, right now, click the link below.