How is it even possible that the people of Vermont have been without the apparent luxury and convenience of a Target?

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In this day and age I would have never thought that there would be anywhere in this country where a person couldn't find a Target within like, 50 miles. Let alone come to the realization that there is an entire state without one!

I know that Vermont is a super naturey state that is lucious and green or covered in a fluffy blanket of powdery snow and it's residents are really into natural and local goods an maybe that's how Vermonter's like it? But I can't help but feel like they have been deprived of all that Target has to offer.

Well, the residents of South Burlignton will no longer have to feel that deprevity as News 10 reports Target will be opening a 60,000 square foot small format store at the University Mall on Dorset Street. The smaller version of the store will be hiring 75 employees and

The store will offer men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, kids’ and baby apparel, back to school items and home decor essentials. The store will also carry health, personal care and beauty products. Plus a grocery section that will have all sorts of food items including fresh produce.

The store is expected to open in October of 2018 and once open there will offically be a Target available in all 50 states beacuse apparently Vermont was the last remaining hold out.

I feel like a smaller version of the store is probably perfect for the South Burlington community. It's not a huge invasive change and they can warm up to the value and convience of the major chain.

What do you think could you live without a Target near by?

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