First off, people referring to a wolf as a “rock star” are just downright ignorant. Just because it’s in a movie doesn’t mean every wild blood thirsty wolf is on team Jacob.

I believe the crappy pop cultural infatuation with wolves has desensitized people on what wolves really are. Indian Country Today is reporting that a wolf from Yellowstone National Park was so famous and loved by park rangers and guests that it is thought of as a “rock star." Also, like many rock stars, this wolf was recently found dead. The state of Wyoming had lifted the ban on hunting wolves making each one who wanders over the border of Yellowstone fair game.

I am generally not for the hunting of any animals. Hunting is something I do not understand. To me it’s just some backwards redneck way of thinking that you are involving yourself in a dangerous sport by killing defenseless animals with a high power riffle. It’s basically like playing a video game with cheat codes, not much of a challenge. And don’t even try to justify it with the whole “providing family with food” story. It’s 2012 and we have grocery stores that have meat all ready to eat for you.

However, I’m not about to side with these hippies who are all upset about the death of this wolf. Yeah, werewolves in “Twilight” might be friendly and have sexy six pack abs but, the wolves in “The Grey” ate Liam Neeson! Save the complaining and sob stories for when someone kills a sweet adorable little otter and can it when a vicious crazy Liam Nesson Eating animal gets what it deserves!