Dan America and Q103 want to remind you to vote tomorrow because it's Election Day 2016 and most Americans will be voting tomorrow so you should too.

First Vote Of The Day
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Tomorrow Americans will vote and no one will have mustache as cool as the men in this picture, Americans will vote for who they want to be the next President, Commander and Chief. Americans will decide if we the people will "Make America Great Again" or if we will be "Stronger Together" and that my friends is Democracy with a capital D because I don't know if the word is capitalized or not.

You're all probably not wondering who I am going to vote for but I am going to give you my opinion anyway, how I feel about this election is the same way I feel about what I had for dinner yesterday. It was my moms birthday so my sister made golumpki, it's ground beef and rice stuffed into a cabbage leaf so after eating it I produce golumpki farts, they're beefy leafy farts, the best of both worlds, everything you love about farts all in one blast, and that is how I feel about this years election.