A murder suspect in South Burlington, VT Is on the run, and his vehicle has been found in the Capital District.   According to News 10 abc, murder suspect Leroy Headley is believed to have called 911 after murdering his girlfriend.  They also note that Headley’s brother reported to police in Massachusetts that Headley also admitted to him to shooting his girlfriend.  Recently, his car- a 2017 blue Nissan- was located in Albany.  The car has been searched and it’s not reported if any evidence was found.  Headley is considered to be armed and dangerous.  You can read more info at News 10 abc.  It makes sense to me that someone on the run from the Northeast would travel through Albany.  We’re a cross section between roads, states, and tons of locations.  However, hopefully this guy won’t be on the run too much longer and he can be caught.

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