UPDATE! Zoey Johnson from Washington County has been found! Zoey's mom reached out to me late Friday night to deliver the news.

Zoey has been found! She is safe but far from sound. She is currently being treated at the Glens Falls hospital. Thank you again for your help! - Courtney  Prosser

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According to Zoey's mother, the teen was last seen at her dad's home in Argyle but feared that she could be anywhere in the vicinity. Washington County, Lake George, Glens Falls, Warrensburg or Johnsburg were the most likely locations.

Zoey's mom, Courtney Prosser posted an update on her Facebook page as well.

Thank you so very much. From the bottom of my heart. Honestly I’m sure it sounds redundant of any parent going through something like this but we just want Zoey to know how much we love her and need to know she is safe. - Courtney M. Prosser (Zoey's Mom)


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