I'm not going to lie this video is mesmerizing and slightly therapeutic.

So the weather in Upstate New York and all across the country really has been pretty bipolar this winter. I mean Upstate New York had the coldest place in the continental the United States two Sundays in a row (Philadelphia NY with -36 and -34 respectively) but you know Ma Nature had to throw us that crazy curveball on Friday and tease us with one day in the middle of all this bitter cold that hit damn near hit 60 degrees here in the Capital Region.

Don't get me wrong, I was thankful for that very warm day while it was happening but now I feel like the warm-up may have done more damage than good. It caused some melting to happen which resulted in some flooding around the Capital Region but mostly because now I have to get used to the bitter cold all over again and it is not going well for me.

Some of that melting though did result in some awesome displays in nature like this video Eric Kerns posted to his Facebook of an ice jam breaking up on the Hoosic in North Adams, MA. Not only is the video totally cool and mesmerizing but it also reminds me that spring will come eventually and my face won't hurt every time I go outside forever.