There is nothing better then seeing drunk people doing something stupid, especially when you are not the drunk person doing something stupid, let this be a reminder to yourself, next time you're drunk don't do something this stupid. 


I feel that it is appropriate to bring up Dan America's 4 i's of drinking, because these two are a fine example of WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME!

The 4 i's of Drinking:

You are not Intelligence, any brilliant idea you may come up with while drinking only seems brilliant, because you are drinking.

You are not Invisible, people can see you doing stupid things and they will record you doing this stupid thing and post it on the internet so everyone can see.

You are not Invincible, and that guy just learned that, the hard way.

If you think that you are Intelligent, Invisible or Invincible, you are probably Intoxicated. 

You're Welcome.