The snow did not let up for most of the day yesterday so we decided to set a timelapse video outside the Q studios to watch the storm progress...

By late morning here at the Q studios on Thursday it was pretty evident that the Capital Regions predicted 1-3" of snow had well surpassed that mark and there was no sign of it letting up at that point. So naturally, I decided to come up with an excuse to get out of the building and play in the snow for a bit.

I noticed that our picnic tables out back behind the Q studios had a collected a decent amount of snow already so I set up our GoPro on timelapse mode to see how much more of the fluffy white stuff we were going to get.

I left it outside from around 11am - 3pm (ish) when the snow finally seemed to stop. However, when I went to grab the camera it was dead so we didn't quite get to the end of the storm but you can totally watch it come down in the video below!

Special shout out to the helpful scraper that ventured out in the storm to brush off everyone's car but MINE! Thanks buddy.