The answer, nothing!  A new book reveals the truth and ladies you may not like it.


A new book has hit the shelves and it is currently out selling heavy hitters like The Davinci Code and a popular title in the Harry Potter franchise.  Sheridan Simove's new book What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex has become a best seller on  The thing I like the best about this book is that it's a bit of light reading.  Very light as a matter of fact because it contains 200 blank pages.

That is correct, there is nothing in this book!  Because that is all us men think about day in and day out.  Sorry to break the news ladies, but it is always on our mind.  When asked about the success of the book Simove said:

I am fiercely proud that I can now call myself a best-selling author; What is wonderful about it is that people want to laugh.

I guess he can himself an author, though I' not sure how much actual work went into the "book".  If you're looking to pick up a copy you'll have to wait until they print more, because it has completely sold out.  So women, if you are looking for an answer to this question look no further!  And also get ready for a good laugh because this is a hilarious concept.

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