In Ramsey Minnesota, if a man is searching for anonymous sex, forget Craigslist do as Alan Petrusson did;  tie yourself spread eagle and naked to a tree in a public park.   He wound up barking up the wrong tree.

Talk about being a tree hugger, 50 year old Alan Petrusson blindfolded himself, exposed his genitals and waited for sex.  The only problem was police found him first.

Now Alan faces charges of indecent exposure, lewd conduct and trespassing;  since the tree he was using is not on public property.

Police were already aware that men have been soliciting for sex in this park as some men have been arrested several times and keep coming back for more.  They use signals such as flashing head lights or having windows on their cars rolled down to show they are interested.

Naked, blindfolded and spread eagle to a tree, now that's bizarre.