There are fifty states in the country. Do you think we possibly could be atop this list? You may want to hope no, the answer is below.

Well, breathe a sigh of relief. Short answer is no, all those swingers in California pulled in that infamous honor. But hold your breath for a second okay, we are very high on the list. New York has the fourth highest number of reported STD's in the entire country. Yikes. This isn't for any particular disease, it is a combined number of all of them. While California may be at number one, our total number still is pretty scary. 51,926 reported cases.

Also you have to think, New York has a very high population. Hell we have the most populous city in the country just three hours south of the Capital Region. That alone makes it hard to avoid the top of the list. This I would also assume is why a state like Rhode Island isn't on the list.

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