On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they talked about server stories, but why should all the fun and venting stop there?

Why not food service stories?

Because it’s not just the sservers who have stories.

I have worked many jobs before I landed in this glamorous position behind the Sound Board at 5AM every weekday morning. I have never been a line cook or a server, but I have lost my mind at two dishwashing jobs.

As it turns out I don’t make a very good dishwasher because I have the tendency to flip out and start yelling at the dishes, the dishwashing machine, and my shoes.

I was never on the frontline though, unless you count the many coffee shops I have worked at but I feel that Coffee Shops and restaurants are two completely different animals.

Because I am all about equality, I invite the coffee shop workers too.

Come now and tell us your stories or vent about how much you can't stand your job!

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