Back in February, a fire at the Wendy's on Central Ave. caused so much damage the fast food place had to be shuttered. Whenever I drive by, I always wish I could get a closer look. So, today, I stopped by and snapped a few photos.

The building is in pretty bad shape and the red Xs make it pretty clear that you should keep your distance, so I didn't go inside. I was able to get a little bit of a look from one of the windows. The roof has a massive hole, most of which looks to have been caused by a collapse after the fire. It's left entirely open to the elements now.

When you peer through the windows, all that material from the collapse is pretty clearly visible. With the massive rainstorms we had last week, I wonder what kind of additional damage was done by all that water flowing freely into what's left of the building.

That Wendy's was in a really good location. A lot of people regularly take the side road as a shortcut to Albany St. and I always see lots of cars going in and out of there. I'd really like to see something new there, but whoever takes that on is going to have pretty much a full rebuild on their hands. See for yourself:

Wendy's After the Fire

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